Sunday, July 30, 2017


/sōl/ /māt/ 
A dinner I recently attended turned to a conversation about soulmates. Men and women, married and single, each had their own opinion. Is it a thing? What are we looking for? Is it the proverbial holy grail of relationships? Is it supposed to be romantic? Does it only count if it’s reciprocal? What exactly is this thing that we all look for, expect to find, and yet, feel utterly crushed if we don’t have one?

A Soul is spiritual or immaterial. You can’t feel it or see it but much like the wind, you know it is there, consistent and ever present. A Mate is defined as being connected. As humans, and lets face it, needy beings, our success and survival is deeply rooted in connection. So this concept, this idea, this perfect symbiotic relationship between two people is basically a required, consistent, unseen but felt connection to another being. Seems to me for all that we talk about it, we all have it or have had it. Sometimes it's for long periods of time, and other times just for moments. Either way, don’t sweat it. Your soulmate has probably been right in front of you at varying times of your life.

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