Monday, June 1, 2015

The Love Letter (Never Sent)

I came across an interesting post about a love letter never sent. It is a heart wrenching proclamation of love for someone that the author knew would never reciprocate the feelings. It is a letter of anguish and pain, of hurt and sorrow, of knowing that no matter how much time passes or how often they tell themselves they are better off without the person who cannot love them, the feelings of hopelessness consume their very soul.

When I read it, I thought of my own past loves and how often I was in this same predicament. To love someone you cannot have. To want the one whose heart is unavailable. It is a sad reality for many of us. And yet, I wonder if this devastating heartbreak isn’t exactly what we need to experience to open ourselves up to real love – the kind that doesn’t cause angst and confusion, questions and uncertainty. The kinds that reassures and comforts like a breath of fresh spring air or a breeze on slightly wet skin. Often it is the little voice inside one’s head, or the tug of the heart because of the not-so-distant pain, that reminds us when it’s the right one, at the right moment, everything else will become a faded memory.

Inspired by:
The Love Letter You'll Never Send - Thought Catalog, by Kovie Biakolo (5/30/15)
@The SingleWoman - via Twitter 5/31/15

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