Saturday, January 3, 2015

Ahh the Humor of the Universe

For some time now I have been pondering the Universe and what perhaps its motives are.  Some may say I am questioning the existence of God, but no, I have faith and understand that in the end, with that faith, it will all be okay. 
Instead, what I believe is my quandary is that no matter what I seem to figure out, no matter what answers eventually come to light, or what revelation suddenly appears, there is always yet another puzzle just waiting around the bend. It’s as if the minute all is right in my world, the proverbial fates decide to throw that curve ball, roll their dice, and turn it topsy-turvy once again. Some would say that this is the stuff of life: mess, chaos, uncertainty – this is what makes a life worth living.  True. But sometimes, some times, you just want to stay in the moments of peace and contentment, the moments of clarity and understanding, the moments of seemingly symbiotic perfection.  Sometimes, you just wish the Universe was a little more compassionate and maybe not quite so impish.

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