Sunday, June 15, 2014


I came across an interesting read about love and how it just is. Not unlike the movie that states, Love actually is all around, the author points out how love is not about excuses or uncertainty but instead is about what is. When someone loves you, there is no question. You know it. You feel it. They find ways to be with you because they want it. Your presence in their life makes their life better. They are the best version of themselves when you are with them. You feed their mind, their heart and their soul. It is a feeling that transcends all boundaries. Love is not supposed to be filled with angst. It is not a game or a puzzle to be mastered or figured out. When someone loves you, you are still and confident in the knowing that they do, without question, without hesitation, without thought. The important thing to remember then as we allow those who say but do not show that they love us is this: “love simply is. And you have to let it be, or not be, naturally.”

Inspired by Thought Catalog – What People Do When They Don’t Really Love You by Brianna Wiest

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