Wednesday, June 5, 2013


I’ve often wondered if others ponder the nature of the Universe with the same curiosity and wonder as I do.  A specific conversation provided some insight and a very interesting perspective.  A friend of mine told me that he saw it as a whirlpool - that we all swim in circles until we break out in pairs where we can float in tandem, weightlessly on the horizon.  Upon further (quick) introspection however, he thought better of his seemingly apropos analogy and stated that he in fact would drown in the whirlpool.  Apparently he couldn’t envision surviving the opposing currents.   
I had to laugh and could only respond that this was fundamentally his problem. I explained that perhaps he should trust in the water, in the whirlpool, and actually allow himself to drown.  My thought in offering this advice being that in order to fully experience all that the whirlpool could offer, he had to allow himself absolute immersion into it.  Only in the full experience, only then, would he possibly be saved by the unexpected.  Quick to respond, he stated that being saved is never something you expect but only that it happens by faith.  Faith.  And again back we were to the ever elusive faith.  Even in the braving of the whirlpool it inevitably comes back to faith.  In a very knowing and coy way, I reminded him of this – that you have to let yourself go in order truly have faith.  His response?  “Easier said than done dear.” Truer words were never spoken. Still, I will look for the whirlpools and look forward to total immersion. 

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