Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Lie, Lying, Lied

There is often a fine line that we straddle when it comes to telling the truth.  It has been said that a white lie can spare feelings and we are all subject to that delicate dilemma.  But at the same time, there is the adage that omissions are quite clearly betrayals and who amongst us has not carefully decided to disclose only portions of the truth in order to save ourselves?  In this uncertain and topsy-turvy world of relationship mind fields that we must navigate through, when is it really “okay” to bend the truth and tell a little lie?

I read a tweet just a few weeks ago that summed it up quite brilliantly: the worst part about being lied to is simply knowing that you weren’t worth the truth.  In essence, it is not the lie that is always the problem but actually being lied to.  Relationships are hard enough without adding the drama if suspicion and ambiguity.  When you are truly honest with someone, it is a reflection of that person.  You are essentially saying, “Hey, I care enough about you to tell the truth and bare my soul no matter the consequences.”  It is also a statement of acceptance and non-judgment.  It is a testament to loving the whole individual, both the good and the bad.  Unfortunately, we are human and there are those sticky feelings to contend with in the form of pride and fear – a lethal combination if ever there was one.  And like the line of dominoes standing at attention across the floor, once the first one falls, or the first lie is told, it is a difficult chain reaction to control.

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