Sunday, April 29, 2012


The musical score of any relationship is as varied as the notes and rhythms one can imagine.  The melody changes as the relationship changes.  It is an art to balance the various movements and feelings of two people learning how to interact. Music. It is the undercurrent of life; a low murmur in the background. Mood and momentum easily measured by the fluid uninterrupted progress, the slow steady pace or the sudden hard stop of tune, tempo and feeling.  And just as affection can change in an instant, so can a thunderous sound easily turn on a dime into a sweet, lilting tune and crescendo back to an electrifying roar.  So what it is about our fickle nature that makes relationships as unpredictable as the next song that might change your life? 

The key it seems is not to dwell on the individual sounds but instead on the commingling of elements – notes, rhythm and tempo – that makes the song both beautiful and harmonious.  It is the symphonic combination of opposites, the juxtaposition of elements, the melding of characteristics – loud and soft, fast and slow – working together to become a meaningful composition. This is the song of relationships...the score that may last throughout the ages.

Again I thank my muse...your post inspired mine...

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