Saturday, April 2, 2011


( ăm-bĭv ' ə-ləns ) n. The coexistence of opposing attitudes or feelings, such as love and hate, toward a person, object or idea

I love the word ambivalence.  I often find it is the perfect, one-word description of exactly what one is feeling.  How often do you meet someone, hear an idea or engage in some activity and when asked, you really can't explain the conflicting feelings you have?  It is that sense that your heart and mind just can't come together to form the exact opinion about the person, idea or activity.  It's Ambivalence. 

I suppose that given time true feelings will eventually win out, but what to do in the meantime?  Ambivalence. 

Now usually, I am a fairly decisive person. Yes, I weigh the pros and cons of everything but ultimately, I do form an opinion. There's little flip flop and little ambivalence in my feelings or decisions.  But every so often a situation creeps up or an encounter occurs and I find myself in that state of having simultaneous, conflicting feelings toward that person or thing.  In short, find myself in the throws of ambivalence. This, is one of those times.

...and I think, instead of analyzing the situation to death, this time, I will just go with it. 

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