Wednesday, December 8, 2010


What's the deal with attraction? How often do you find yourself going along in life and suddenly, out of nowhere, bam! like a freight train you're hit and you haven't a clue what you've been hit with. I always find that those unexpected "slams" prove to be the most interesting.

The Law of Attraction - that like attracts like is a curious concept. Do you really think that when you find yourself attracted to someone or something it's because you are like it? I don't buy into that philosophy. Being attracted or being attractive is more of a feeling; it's butterflies-in-the-stomach and the giddiness that comes from, well...potential. Attraction is the unknown, the "I wonder what might happen next" and the possibilities are endless.

Next time you find yourself attracted or perhaps you find yourself "attracting", if it doesn't make you sick to your stomach - I say: go for it.

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