Saturday, July 24, 2010

Stepping on Toes

I seem to step on a lot of peoples toes. I'm not sure if it's a character flaw or a character strength. Simply put, stepping on toes means you do or say something that upsets someone. I suppose it doesn't really seem like a good thing. But sometimes, it's necessary to "step on toes" and shake things up. Stepping on toes often leads to change or at least awareness that perhaps something needs to change.

Lately, I seem to either be stepping or have stepped on many people's toes. I find that I have a knack for just stepping - toes and all. It's had both negative and positive consequences. Mostly, I would say that it's led me to try new things and be a bit bolder than I ever have before. Of course, it takes time for people to forgive when you step on their toes. Or perhaps it just takes them time to realize, you did it for their own good.

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