Friday, January 15, 2010

Once Again Change But This Is What I Know For Sure

With the beginning of a new year often brings the beginnings of something new.  I wouldn't have thought that my 2010 would have started with an unexpected bang, but it did and I find myself in unchartered territory.  The good news, change is usually a good thing and because I have grown as a person and have managed to develop and maintain my own style both personally and in my home, I will embrace the change that 2010 has brought my way and work towards a brighter and better tomorrow. 
With that in mind, I'd like to give a nod to Stephanie Bradshaw of Bradshaw Styling.  Her newsletter Girl About Town arrived in my inbox this morning with a few things I not only agree with, but would love to share.

Stephanie Says: Five Things I Know For Sure
  1. Dress your home much like you would dress yourself. Think about what colors you like to wear and you'll have a great start to your interior palette.  Be yourself.
  2. Like your personal style, the best interiors evolve over time.  Be patient.
  3. Parties aren't just for the weekend.  Inviting the neighbors over mid-week is fun and can help break up your weekday routine.  Be unpredictable. 
  4. Overaccessorizing can spoil any great outfit or any great room.  Remember to take one thing off or put one thing away.  Too much can simply be too much.
  5. Love and laughter are the best tools for your personal style and decorating.  Be inspired.
Cheers to the New Year ahead!

Stephanie Bradshaw is an award winning designer, photo-stylist, wedding and event designer and personal shopper in Baltimore, Maryland. Visit her website Bradshaw Styling at

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