Friday, December 11, 2009

Putting Together The Perfect Holiday Party Dress and Attire

The company holiday party comes in many shapes, forms and sizes.  Translate that into many wardrobe possibilities and acceptabilities!  Oh the what-in-the-world-do-I-wear-to-this-thing horror!  Calm down.  There is a dress out there for you.  I personally am a fan of the black tie affair, although I have to admit that finding a dress or gown can prove challenging.  Word of advice - start early.  In doing so you'll avoid the possibility of showing up in the same dress as someone else (yes, this mortifying situation happened to me once and I am still traumatized by it!)  But I digress.  In terms of formal attire, ladies and gentlemen please take note - the short cocktail dress absolutely is appropriate for a black tie affair.  It is ridiculous in this day and age to think you have to go gown just because it is a formal affair.  That being said, I, personally, love a gown - it is so forgiving and so easy to hide under. But, for those of you that don't own one or simply don't want to wear one, don't worry about it!  A beautiful, tasteful length cocktail dress can be just as dressy and elegant.  Don't shy away from short because of some sense of traditional convention!  However ladies, the tea length dress went out with poofy hair and scrunchies! 
Once you have decided on the "perfect dress" or even the one that will do, remember the power of the accessories.  "The only thing that separates us from the animal is our ability to accessorize!"  No truer words were spoken!  My friend in search of the perfect outfit has spent hours searching for shoes, jewelry and wraps.  Waste of time? Absolutely not!  Her boutique scouring (me along for the commentary and approval) has yielded the perfect shoes - not too strappy, not too high; the perfect bangles - just dressy enough with the right amount of bling; the perfect ring - yes, it's tasteful without looking overwhelming; and the perfect wrap - it's supposed to be 30 some-odd degrees where she's headed!  All in all, the last couple of weeks have proved exhausting and yet, the perfect outfit for the mandatory holiday party has been accomplished. 
For those of you out there fretting over the dress for that holiday party you are required to attend - relax.  The dress is out there and with the right accompaniments, you will be stunning.  I have no doubt that my friend will be the bell of the ball.  And thankfully, after this weekend is over, she won't have to worry about it again for at least 365 days!

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