Friday, October 16, 2009

Internet News Equals Solitary Reading

I've been reading with a great deal of interest how newspapers - the black and white, ink on your hands kind of newspapers - seem to be losing readership.  With the expansion of the internet, we have become a society of on-line readers as opposed to the once paper-in-hand readers we once were.  As a child, I always remember my parents reading front page to back page and everything in between of the Los Angeles Times.  It was an important way to start the day - get your daily coffee and get your daily news fix.  When I worked in Washington D.C., the newspapers lay lined up daily in the conference room for all to read and similar to a water cooler gathering place, everyone eventually went in to read something and inevitably met up with a coworker, talk about issues, talk about their day or simply talk. 
Today, while many sit at the computer getting their daily news fix, it just doesn't seem the same as sitting with someone and reading the paper.  Getting your daily news is now a solitary business.  It's become a more isolated exercise and has lost the somewhat social aspect to it.  When was the last time you sat with your significant other and read the internet together?   Or sat in a conference room with coworkers and laptops perusing the daily news?  No doubt that getting your news by internet is definitely a more private activity.  It is the way of the future.  As more and more content becomes available on-line, the very real fact is that the days of print media are sadly numbered and the days of people sharing news as a social activity along with it.  Unfortunately this proves once again that the more we move forward, the more we move within ourselves.

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