Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Blow-up Holiday Decor

What's the deal with the blow-up Halloween decorations on front lawns?  I want to know who the genius was that came up with that little nugget?  Who comes up with this stuff!?  Funny thing, it's really caught on.  Seriously, there seems to be an epidemic (albeit a tacky one!)  In fact, my neighborhood seems to be blow-up central!  I understand the concept of decorating for the holidays.  In fact, I really love that people go all out with stuff on their porch.  Pumpkins, hay bales, scarecrows.  Wooden Santas, poinsettias and wreathes.  These are fun, whimsical and very festive.  But the lawn decorations?  Well, I have to admit that although I thought it was tacky when I first saw some of them a few Christmases ago, I did get used them.  Okay, so I'll fess up - last year I actually got on the bandwagon and put up an animated penguin wearing a Santa hat and scarf.  The arms flap up and down - he really is kind of cute.  But it's made of wire and pipe cleaners or some such material - not air.  I can't quite wrap my head around the blow-up stuff.  I always thought those were for the pool or maybe a football game - you know, like beach balls. Surprise - apparently the blow-up stuff is now for the lawn.  AND it's expanded from Christmas decor to Halloween.  I've seen grim reapers, huge pumpkins, ghosts - you name it!  One set of neighbors even have this massive ghost train complete with a pop-open casket and a skeleton conductor!  My dog went nuts when she saw it!  Makes for an interesting evening walk.  Can you imagine having this thing on your lawn?  Oh the horror!  And I'm not talking about the skeletons!  So my question: what in the world will they think of next?  Blow-up Easter Bunnies?  Valentine hearts?  Leperchauns?  I can't wait to see what will liter the lawns of my neighborhood next.

photo courtesy of Halloween Inflatables

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