Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Where or Where is Michael Kors? Project Runway Needs You

Michael Kors seems to have gone MIA.  Project Runway is now on Lifetime.  News at 11.  Doesn't it sound like that kind of newsflash?  For those of us who will openly admit to having a Project Runway addiction, this season's lack of Michael Kors is very disturbing.  It's bad enough that we had to switch networks, even worse that we have to watch commercials for Lifetime network programming.  But to add insult to injury, the show seems to be lacking in Michael Kors.  For six weeks we've tuned in and for at least four of the weeks - no Michael Kors.  Here's the real problem, with the exception of Nina Garcia, he is truly the only judge with an iota of expertise in the fashion industry.  His taste is impeccable and his fashion knowledge is unquestionable, but what makes him an authority as well as entertaining is his ability to intelligently and insightfully comment on even the strangest fashion challenges.  Who could soon forget the WWE Divas episode Raw Talent in season four and his comment that he felt like "a pope at a sex club"!?

According to the rumor mills and there are many out there, it was Heidi Klum's influence that moved the show from New York (Bravo) to Los Angeles (Lifetime) because of the guest celebrity possibilities which naturally, LA is famous for.  While we love to see what celebrity or fashion icon will be sitting in the judge's fourth chair, the second chair belongs, and rightfully so, to Michael Kors and every ounce of fashion wisdom that he chooses to impart on these up-and-coming designers.  Rest assured Runway fans, Michael Kors will be back this week to provide much needed commentary and opinion on the fashion challenge.  It is the perfect balance of Michael Kors' personality, observations and fashion critiques alongside Nina Garcia and Heidi Klum coupled with Tim Gunn's mentoring and one-liners, and of course the drama of the designers that make Project Runway the fun, fashion forward show that keeps us watching week after week.  Season 6 is still young and we'll have to see if Lifetime uses all its talented resources wisely to "make it work."

quotes and photo courtesy of Project Runway

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