Friday, August 14, 2009

Packing for New York Intervention Anyone?

I'm headed out of town for a few days to New York before the back to school reality seriously hits. I have 6 days to pack for - occasions ranging from sightseeing to a Broadway show and meeting up with friends and family somewhere in between. It's mid-August so you know it's bound to get a little hot and definitely humid. There will be walking. Why is it impossible to pack for this? I stare at my vast array of wardrobe options in my very organized walk-in closet (my girlfriends think I am secretly a psychopath because of its anally retentive neatness.) I am at a complete loss. Why is it that the moment we are confronted with a seemingly simple task, we find ourselves completely paralyzed?

Let's face it, I have the closet full of clothes and nothing to wear syndrome. I need an intervention. So I take baby steps. Walking shorts - do they even call them that anymore, no, now I think they are clam diggers - because I can see myself someday definitely worried that I am wearing appropriate garb to dig for clams. Move on. Okay, maybe a couple pair of regular shorts? Not too short mind you I am a 40 year old but I still I can pull them off, so yeah, okay shorts. Sundresses - definitely - easy to wear, not much to worry about except the "girls" trying to escape - I can handle that. Next. Tops - absolutely short sleeved but not too much arm (I haven't been doing those bicep curls lately, yeah right) and I want to look stylish (it is after all NYC) so no t-shirts or tank tops. Okay, we're getting somewhere. Dresses for dinner - good grief what in the world even fits? LBD (little black dress) - simple, elegant says confidence. Done. Shoes. I need an entire suitcase for those! Get a grip! Practice some self-control I say to myself (did I mention that I have been chatting to myself this entire time? I pack several but don't go overboard - sandals, flip flops, evening - okay done. The suitcase is still manageable and not full. I start thinking that maybe I can shop while I'm there. Focus! I still need toiletries and underthings, gym clothes (because you know I am going to work-out every day that I am there!), pocketbooks for day and night, jewelry and other accessories - the suitcase is now nearly full - and what else?

I stop there figuring I must have everything and probably plenty I don't really need. I have to sit on the suitcase to zipper it closed - actually, I wait for my daughter to help and the scary thing? I bet I only wear half of what I've packed and end up buying stuff there. But hey, isn't that what you're supposed to do when you go to New York?

I'm headed out for six days to the city that never sleeps - no blogs 'til 8/21/09...


  1. Today's blog very interesting because it's a ticket into your mind...and your closet. Thank you!

    Someone you 'know' wrote me today "Yes, someday you should see my closet, color coordinated and tops arranged by sleeve length and color – all good to go and in neat order." So you aren't alone.

    Did "the girls" enjoy the hot weather in NY?

  2. We brought the hot weather and enjoyed it as best we could. Ended up finding some interesting things to see in air conditioning to escape the heat but luckily, the "girls" did not escape!


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