Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hurry Up and Wait

I have friends that I am constantly waiting for. I get phone calls or text messages making plans to do things and they usually come with a “see you in 10” or something like that and then I am ready and waiting for a good half hour. What is it with these people that they have no concept of time? If you need 45 minutes to get ready, then say so. Not a problem. If it doesn’t work with my schedule I will let you know. And oh the excuses – I love these. Got caught on the phone, had to take out the dog, had to deal with X (insert someone’s name or some household chore). I could go on. You’d think I would learn by now though to just tell these friends, hey, I simply can’t meet you because you screw up my entire day! But I am too nice, too polite. I rarely say I can’t be there. And I am certainly no more than a few minutes late. But usually, I am the first one there, the first one to arrive, the only one on time. And so, I wait. And wait and wait.

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  1. Do you think the cell phone is a contributor to people you are planning to meet being late. I find people’s plans are always “in flux” as they tend to wait till the last minute in case something better comes along. What could be better than seeing you, methinkso?


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